Choosing the Right Dog Training Course for Your Pup’s Specific Needs

Not all dogs are created equal, and so not all dog training courses are created equal. There is no one particular dog obedience training course that will fit the needs of every dog that walks through the doors of your home. Families may have dogs with different needs, personalities, ages, and more that all affect what kind of training your dog will need! So how do you know what course is right for your four-legged best friend? There are a few factors to consider when making the decision.

How Old is Your Dog?

Before you book your dog for a dog obedience training session, you should first consider how old your dog is. A puppy will need a more gentle hand with training and can’t be expected to complete training that’s more physically demanding the way an older dog can. An older dog will likely need more time to break out of habits they’ve already grown into, but they can also withstand training for more extended periods.


Our Good Pup Start Up consultation is perfect for puppies just starting out, those fluffy wonders who are learning how to function in a big dog world. Our specialized trainers know exactly what your puppy needs and will provide you with a training strategy that best fits your needs. Once your puppy has reached the age for a formal obedience style program your trainer can discuss your options. The Good Dog training course is excellent for older dogs who need obedience training and possibly behavior modification. It’s focused on dogs 16 weeks or older who need an extra helping hand. Each course is designed with your dog’s best interest in mind.

What Does Your Dog Need to Learn?

Some dogs need more training than other dogs, so realizing what exactly it is that your dog needs to learn can help you in the long run. Some dogs need more training conditioning than others, and that’s okay! It all depends on your pup’s personality and behavior being exhibited. The obedience training commands your dog needs are the tools needed to work and modify your dogs behavior.


Dog training is conditioning-pure and simple. Dog owners who prefer a more exaggerated definition to their dog’s obedience commands and social etiquette the Premium Board and Train Program is for you! An immersive training experience for dogs providing excellent behavior conditioning for maximum results. This customized training program for your dog typically lasts two to three months. 

Conversely, if your dog just needs to get a refresher dog obedience training course, we can help with that, too! Our refresher training is a way to get dogs back on track with reinforced training to heel, sit, stay, down and come, as well as emphasis on any behavioral issues that may have presented itself.  Maybe a little k-9 continued education while you are on vacation! Additional obedience training reps and social exposure is always beneficial for a well rounded pet. Everybody deserves a Good Dog!

Where Are You Located?

Whether you’re local to the Ponte Vedra area or not, we can help you with your dog training needs. One of our camps, like the Good Dog Program or our Premium Board and Train Program is perfect if you’re a quick drive away. If you aren’t close by, though, Good Dogs Training Camp offers virtual classes over Zoom. This is an amazing opportunity to still receive custom dog training classes from our experienced staff without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Good Dogs Training Camp

Here at Good Dogs Training Camp, we pride ourselves on being one of the best dog training companies around. Our family-oriented, specialized instruction is excellent for all dogs of any age to make it easier for you and your family to have a close relationship with your furry friend.

If you’re interested in working with Good Dogs Training Camp for your pet, then contact us

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