Bringing a new dog home to be a part of your life is an exciting (and often intimidating) event. Introducing a new dog to your day-to-day life can be stressful for both you and your four-legged friend until you both settle into a working routine.


Properly adjusting to dog training and housebreaking can take days, months, or even longer before you and your pet adjust to this new way of life. Your new dog must acclimate to your home, especially if the pet lived in multiple previous homes or shelters. The important thing to remember is to be patient and work on the following to build a trusting bond with your new friend.

Make Time for the Dog’s Arrival

Set aside time and arrange for your pet to arrive when you can stay home for a few days. Planning for your new dog will offer you the necessary time for dog training and housebreaking, and give you a chance to get to know one another.


When getting to know your new dog, you’ll want to ensure you establish the right routines through custom dog training based on your unique schedule and needs—while not forgetting about theirs. Maintaining a firm routine with the dog will help them know what to expect as they grow to trust you.


However, take care to not rush your pet into unfamiliar territory. Although you may feel tempted to take the pup to a busy dog park or bring them with you when you grab their food or new toys, dogs can easily feel overwhelmed by these new transitions into your home. Inviting them to a busy new environment can make this situation worse.

Consider Professional Intervention

Many people who bring a dog home for the first time look at crate training like keeping a canine in prison. The truth is, dogs instinctively like to den, and crates represent their space. Nevertheless, when choosing to crate train a pet, you should allow enough room for a dog to stand, turn around, and sit comfortably in a normal posture.


Moreover, you can always consider a professional trainer or class. Canines want to make us happy. Professional training often helps new owners by teaching them to use calm but firm cues and words that significantly help with dog training and housebreaking. This type of positive reinforcement training can also help you form trust and a positive bond with your new dog.

Professional Training Solutions

Good Dogs Training Camp is a professional dog obedience training facility operating in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Our team has established a positive reputation for training animals via our experience and passion for working with dogs.


We proudly offer clients the best possible training regimen by establishing a strong communicative foundation and teaching pet owners proper obedience commands, in addition to various tools that owners need to develop a good relationship with their pets.


To learn more about Good Dogs Training Camp and how we can help you bring a new dog into your home, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for additional information.

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