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We have Barking News about the greatDog Training Programshere at Good Dogs Training Camp! 

Make your summer vacation dog training camp reservations early! Call now to get on the calendar. Limited space available.

Discounts available for multiple dog training services. Best value to stretch those training dollars.

Ask about extended board & train programs. Longer exposure to the training repetitions will build a stronger foundation. This will minimize the maintenance for the busy family once your dog returns home.

Call now to make your reservations!

Your Table is Ready! | Barking News

The Family dog has become more and more part of our daily routine and social life. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a lunch outside on a tiki deck without our dog barking and jumping on people? We should be able to enjoy our dog and our lunch so it is necessary to teach our dogs how to react in these social situations. I tell all my clients- “What we allow our dogs to do we are training them to do”. Dogs learn through repetition. A daily routine practicing commands in an obedience training program will improve your dogs social etiquette. Then we can enjoy our lunch and have more time for selfies!


Somebody Check on the Puppy! | Barking News

dog chewing the couch

Canine un-employment and unsupervised puppies have been responsible for the destruction of household furniture across America. Yes, there is a real cost to not training your dog. But wait…..Don’t put plastic covers on the sofa just yet! A little bit of training for your dog and suggestions from your trainer will help to save your Ethan Allen collection.  Let’s focus on what we want him to chew and keep him away from the furniture when we can’t be there to redirect him. Enroll your dog into one of our training programs and save your furniture! Call now!

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