Enjoy the Photos !                  

   Enjoy the photos of our wonderful friends and their dogs. As you may know, animal lovers make wonderful company. We are proud to be the  preferred dog training service helping families with our very successful Dog Training Programs.                                                                                                                                                                                  

    Train your dog while on vacation!

We have the solution for your vacation plans. Send your dog for some much needed training while you enjoy your well deserved family time. Many of our clients choose this option as a way to have their dog learn new skills .And have a more positive experience while they are away. So-as a result when you come back you will be happy to see some improved results. Knowing your dog is in good hands and getting more social stimulation than -for example laying in a boarding stall somewhere. And this will help to put your mind at ease.


   Teach your dog how to learn

      We have frequent campers come to Good Dogs Training Camp for additional training exposure and socialization. This approach is quite beneficial. Your dog doesn’t have to be a bad boy to benefit from a professional dog training program. The key is to create a positive association to your dog’s learning experience. A one on one companionship with positive training methods helps to teach your dog “how to learn”. True professional dog trainers will tell you how important creating a “trusting bond” is in the process of training a dog.                                                                  

  Practice Makes Perfect

Let’s not forget-dog training is conditioning. But- we need to hit the ground running! Once your dog leaves camp it is critical to keep up the training rep’s so you benefit from your investment. While you enjoy these photos remember we also   provide a visual aid by passing on a DVD of us working with your dog so you can mimic the training rep’s. This has been a valuable tool to see your dog’s reaction to the obedience exercises learned at camp.  Practice makes perfect! Like any golf swing-tennis stroke or guitar chord the more we repeat it- the better and smoother the operation. We are always just a phone call away from any help you may need in your transition. Put your best friend’s leash into the hands of a professional! Enjoy the photos!

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