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Premium Board & Train

Dog Training Jacksonville Beach

Premium Board & Train Program

Our Premium Board & Train program is the ultimate solution to improving your dog’s behavior. With this premium package you get more of everything! Your dog spending everyday taking direction from a professional trainer has proven to be the most effective approach for achieving long lasting results. Let us help you communicate better with your family dog. We are proudly servicing Professional Dog Training Jacksonville Beach and the surrounding area. Call Now-make your reservations today!

Advanced Obedience Repetitions
Advanced Social Conditioning
Advanced Focus Response
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Dog Training Jacksonville Beach

Dog Training Jacksonville Beach woman jogging with her beagle dog Premium Board & Train

Premium Board & Train

Includes "The Good Dog Program" Plus:

  • Length of program: 2 to 3 months living & training with a professional trainer. The magic is in the conditioning! The longer your dog is in the “Advanced Training Rotation” the better the obedience responses will be. With an extended program your dog is also less likely to “rubber band” back into hold habits..
  • What they will learn: Excellent responses to the basic obedience commands – achieved through all the great conditioning exercises made available in the extended stay.
  • Advanced Simulated Home-life exercises; a people, pet and food distraction course. We get to see what you’re living with! We create strategic social senarios to help improve your dog’s social ettiquette.
  • Peace of mind: I’m just a phone call away if you need help! “Lifetime Guarantee”
  • Bonuses: We provide the family with personalized instruction on how to maintain the dog training exercises. We also provide you with a DVD of us training your dog!

Professional Obedience Training

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Nothing but the best for the family dog. Choosing such an immersive style training package as the Premium Board & Train is a wise investment. This gives your dog the best opportunity to succeed which means a more enjoyable quality of life. All backed by a Lifetime Guarantee!

Under the Trainer's Wing

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Eat-Train-Play-Observe-Socialize-Exercise all through the eyes and guidance of a professional dog trainer. “What we allow our dogs to do – we are training them to do”. Integrating obedience commands in everyday scenarios gives you the means to show your dog how to behave properly. Everyday triggers can be very frustrating to dogs. Patiently guiding them through training exercises with communication that they understand will build confidence and trust. This positive conditioning will ensure the learned behavior will be repeated. Good Dog!

Personal Dog Trainer

Our Premium Board & Train program is all about you and your family dog. Having a Professional Dog Trainer working with your pet daily as part of the family will produce amazing results. It gives us a huge advantage to have constant access to your dog for training and observation.We are very interested in hearing more about what type of behavior you have been experiencing from your dog. It’s time to start making that wish list! Our dog training techniques are very family friendly and we encourage everyone to participate. Dog training should be fun for everyone. Share with your friends and follow us on Facebook!

Family Focused
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Let us bring out the
in your dog!
" We have been very pleased with our dog training results from "Good Dogs Training Camp"- It is so helpful that I continue to receive excellent follow-up support as well".
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