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  Educating your pet is an ongoing process. An experienced dog trainer can help you manage this time to fit your lifestyle. Make a reservation for one of our board & train programs. Proudly servicing  Ponte Vedra Beach and surrounding areas. Dog Behavior Training specialists can help you solve the big problems.

The  Good Dog Program is the most popular way to get started. Your dog will spend 28 days practicing obedience training exercises. Afterwards, you’ll receive personalized instructions and a DVD of us training your dog!

New puppy testing your patience?

Our Good-Pup Start-Up is the answer to your problems.  Schedule a private consultation in your home with a certified trainer. Learn up to date info on everything from pet supplies to training techniques.    

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Send Your Dog to Camp While You are on Vacation

  Now is a great time to enroll your dog in a board and train program. Summertime and traveling is just around the corner. Send your dog to camp while you are on vacation. Hurry while spots are still available! Proudly servicing  Ponte Vedra Beach, Amelia Island, St. Augustine,  Jacksonville Beach and surrounding areas.

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Put Your Best Friend’s Leash Into the Hands of a Professional!

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  A healthy relationship between a dog and it’s family is important. Choosing the right dog trainer will enhance the quality of this special family bond. We have over 35 years experience helping family pets in the beaches communities.  

  The best dog trainers will be more than happy to discuss technique and follow-up options for Dog Behavior Training. A good training program will build a dog’s confidence and improve communication. Carefully choose a training approach that you and your dog are comfortable with.


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