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chihuahuas running on the beach

Dorman's Dog Blog

Time we spend with our dogs is never wasted. They can bring so much joy to an otherwise rotten day. It is a wonderful feeling coming home after a long days work and having your dog so excited to see that you have returned!
Not all dogs are created equal, and so not all dog training courses are created equal. There is no one particular dog obedience training course that will fit the needs of every dog that walks through the doors of your home.
One of my favorite sayings related to dog aggression is “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but rather the size of the fight in the dog.”
Bringing a new dog home to be a part of your life is an exciting (and often intimidating) event.
If raising a dog from a new puppy to a beloved family pet teaches us nothing else, it’s understanding that our four-legged friends genuinely never tire of our company.
Sometimes it’s easy to feel like our dogs can read our minds. They just seem to nuzzle us at the right times when we feel down, or they’ll appear full of spritely energy when it’s time to get some exercise.