Dog Training Programs

  Dog Training Programs Options for Obedience Training The Family Dog !                                                                                   

The Good Dog Program

 Our Good Dog Program is a developmental board & train style training program where we will be Obedience Training your dog for 28 days. Heel, Sit, Stay, Down & Come on-leash with hand signals and verbal commands. All breeds are welcome. Also included are the Simulated Homelife exercises; a people, pet and food distraction course.  Once we finish the camp phase of the program we provide the family with personalized instruction on how to maintain the dog training exercises. We also provide you with a DVD of us training your dog! This is a valuable visual aid in maintaining the obedience commands learned at camp. The “Good Dog” is the most popular choice of all our Dog Training Programs.

  • Extended camp programs are available
  • Ask about housebreaking repetitions                                                                   

The Good-Pup Start-Up

Has it been a while since you have raised a puppy? We can provide you with up to date puppy training techniques to simplify the management of your new pup. Enjoy the convenience of a private consultation in your home with a professional dog training instructor. Puppies require a special kind of training approach. They lack the attention span and physical stamina required to enter advanced dog training programs. It is important to consider a sensitive approach at this developmental stage as it will greatly effect how your dog perceives you and their willingness to participate in future dog training.

Learn topics like crate training and potty training your new puppy

  • What toys are appropriate?  
  • Stop dog barking , puppy biting , chewing
  • Leash introduction

Chris and Wolfhybrid Obedience Training

Mobile Dog Training

Work at your own pace in the privacy of your own home with the assistance of one of our professional dog training instructors. Mobile Dog Training is a great option for the DIY’ers not looking for a board and train option. Don’t bother trying to make Obedience Training progress in the chaotic atmosphere of a group class. Our mobile dog training puts the focus on you and your dog only! No distractions and no competition for your attention-just mano and Fido! Your private dog trainer can visit you once a week-every two weeks-once a month-it is all up to you! Start with your basic obedience then have the trainer help with behavior or some new dog tricks. 

Personalized dog training in the comfort of your home

Sheepdog reading dog training book Obedience Training

Basic Camp

Just looking for the basics? The Basic Camp is our shortest stay of our dog training programs. In this abbreviated camp timeline we will “introduce” your dog to basic obedience commands. Heel, Sit, Stay, Down & Come on-leash with hand signals and verbal commands. Several repetitions a day in the basic obedience exercises will gradually increase your dog’s ability to focus and take direction from you. Following the brief camp phase of the dog training program we will provide the family with private instruction on how to properly maintain the new training exercises. We also provide a DVD of us training your dog!


Obedience training is an investment in your dog’s future

Skype dog training

Skype Dog Training

Not in our immediate area for dog training? No problem! We offer Skype Dog Training. Virtual dog training instruction in the privacy of your own home. Simply set up an appointment for a customized dog training session. We will demonstrate and provide training advice on our end and we will observe and track the progress on your end. All that is required is a suitable camera and internet connection. We will provide you with payment options and scheduling availability.