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Refresher Course

Dog Training Boot Camp

Family life can get busy and we can find ourselves being pulled in all different directions. Sometimes even by our own dog! Maintaining a good response to obedience training commands only takes a minimal amount of time and if we don’t get these training rep’s in things will get a little bit sloppy. We can all relate to this. Whether its perfecting a golf swing or smoothing out some guitar chords, we all need to practice, practice, practice. Dog training is no different. It is all about the conditioning. Remember – anything that is good – is worth repeating. A well behaved dog is still a work in progress. If you have found you have been too busy to practice your obedience repetitions, not to worry! We can provide a little canine continued education with our dog training boot camp Refresher Course. This will help get things back on track.

Obedience Training Queue

It is as simple as plugging your dog back into the obedience training queue. Reporting back to training camp doesn’t mean that you have failed in your dog training duties. Dogs never forget that original obedience training foundation. Sure-you may recognize some of the tell tell signs-selective hearing in response to your commands or a non-enthusiastic slow-mo version of it. But regardless of the performance it’s still in that little noggin.

Doggy Deja Vu

Serving up a daily regimen of obedience repetitions will spark some deja vu and we will be back to that quick response in no time. A Dog Training camp refresher can also provide a variety of  different types of stimulation that may not be available from home. Our original concept of The Refresher Course was to offer additional training rep’s and social exposure. However, if you are considering advancing your dog’s obedience training skills, let’s take your dog to the next level. We can also focus on improving behavioral issues that you are concerned about. These are all great alternatives to just boarding your dog somewhere. Call us now to make your reservations!

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Refresher Course

Obedience Review and Advancement

  • Best for: A quick visit to tighten up previously learned obedience training commands. Additional social & training exposure.
  • Length of program: 2 weeks or extended stays available.
  • What they will learn: Reinforcement of previously learned dog training commands. Additional simulated Home-Life exercises; a people, pet and food distraction course.
  • Custom training: Advance the level of obedience training skills. Modify new problem behaviors that may have surfaced.
  • Vacation: Have your dog learn while you are on vacation! Have a remodeling project? Expecting a large family gathering and need to make arrangements for your pet? Consider your dog learning and socializing in a household environment as an alternative to just hanging out in a boarding facility.
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"With all the traveling I do - camp was the perfect solution for my dog. I can really see a noticeable difference in Jethro's overall behavior and its a good feeling knowing improvements were made in a comfy family environment."
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Dog Training Camp

Practice Makes Perfect
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The best trained dogs all have one thing in common. Lots and lots of practice. Are you afraid to take your dog out in public because of bad behavior? Do you show up to your groomer or veterinarian appointment at the last minute worried your dog will be uncontrollable? This is where a trained dog really shines. Practicing commands in real life situations is what will help develop the response we desire. Integrating this obedience communication into your dog’s daily routine, reinforces and shows your dog the proper way to behave. We specialize in the “WOW” factor. Imagine someone asking “Wow-who trained your dog? That’s impressive”. Your well trained dog is Good Dogs Training Camp’s best advertisement. Our popular Dog Training Programs are a perfect solution for designing a better version of your family dog. 

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" Love it! I send my dog to camp on a regular basis and "Crosby" gets so excited as we turn the corner into the driveway-He loves going to Good Dogs Training Camp-All the additional obedience rep's and socialization he gets I can't provide so this really helps me out. Thanks Dorman!"
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John Boitknot
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Proper Social Ettiquette
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Sometimes our dog training efforts may seem as if we are stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day”. That’s because there are some things we just need to repeat over and over in order to get it right. This is a time to practice patience and perseverance. “No-don’t do it like that. Do it like this.” Use simple conditioning exercises to direct appropriate behavior. Take for instance, the excitement of a doorbell ringing and new guests arriving. That can really electrify a household! Maybe a territorial meeting of new dogs on the daily neighborhood walk. We need  a good action plan for all of these encounters. How can we be mad at our dogs for misbehaving during these moments if we haven’t shown them how to do it right?

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With the proper communication tools we can make a big difference in our dog’s responses to these triggers. We don’t want to just observe and be apologetic about our dog’s poor behavior. We need to be at the ready and proactive, use our obedience commands and follow through with proper direction. This teaching moment should be more about “direction” than “correction.” Over correcting can unnecessarily stress your dog out and cause anxiety. Calmly instructing your dog using proper obedience training tools will build confidence and will help to relax the situation. If you feel your commands have been slipping a bit. Sign your dog up for Dog Training Boot Camp with our Refresher Course. Share with a friend and follow us on Facebook!