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Good Dogs Training Camp Reviews

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A successful dog training program requires a good support team and timely follow-up to achieve the best results. We built our good reputation by helping our clients succeed in maintaining their dogs good behavior. Our claim to fame in Northeast Florida is our proven dog training programs that we proudly stand behind. Positive reviews helps to spread the good word. That makes customer satisfaction our first priority. It’s very important to us that your experience with our Dog Training Programs is a positive one. Reaching out to your trainer during your dog’s transition back home is critical to maintaining great results.

Positive Reviews

We are in the perfect position after living and training with your dog to best advise you on behavioral matters. We will share with you the most productive training exercises your dog responded to during the camp phase of the dog training program. If your having difficulty or have any questions as you begin transitioning the training exercises back home we need to know about it. Our best advertisement is “YOU”. Nothing beats some 5 star reviews and “good ole word of mouth.” So please be sure to share with your friends and family how happy you are with the results of your training program.

Camp Testimonials

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“So glad to find the option of having my dog trained in a family friendly environment. I spoil my dog and he requires a lot of attention. After training camp – life is so much easier. We do short simple exercises. The practice reps really help to relax “Bosco”. I’m so happy. First class care and training is what you get.”

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Linda Cutler

“I didn’t know many people when I arrived from Switzerland. I met Dorman at the beach with his Berner and after a few demo’s I was ready to sign up. After a 6 week course my dog was quick to respond to commands. Quite impressed with the results. I still chat with Dorman on occasion and he always has good advice”.

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Sven Marsdon

“Dogs on a boat can be tricky. I called Dorman to get some ideas on how to safely prepare my dog for the water. It took about 8 weeks and he trained “mullet” to be a better first mate. Quick response to all of the commands. Very pleased. We created a signal that alerts him to lay in the cabin when we haul a big fish on board. He also loves to wear his life vest now.”

Captain Otis Review
Captain Otis
Good Dogs Go Places
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You may see many of our training camp graduates around town well behaved, happy, socializing and making new friends all the while demonstrating their fine citizenship skills. This is a great example of the benefits of owning a well trained family dog. Good dogs get to go places! We are the highlight of their day. So yes-they should ride with us to the beach-the bank-the park and they love a good drive thru! Sign your family dog up for one of our Dog training programs-satisfaction guaranteed. Share these reviews with your friends!

Board & Training Camp
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Rated #1 Dog Training
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Proudly Serving Beaches Community

Time fly’s when your having fun! We have made many friends over these past 4 decades helping families with their pets. We have seen many changes in technology and the very complicated world we live in. But one thing remains unchanged – life is more enjoyable with a trained dog at the end of a leash. Pets are part of the family and deserve a kind and patient approach to their behavioral training. For a more personalized dog training experience for your family dog call Dorman at Good Dogs Training Camp.