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Dan Mathis- St. Augustine Florida

“Money well spent! We are so glad we found Good Dogs Training Camp. The Good Dog Training Program has really helped us to enjoy “Sam”. He is so much more fun and is easier to take care of now. We researched trainers on the web and found many great Reviews and Videos about Good Dog’s and their Dog Training Programs. We love their sensitive approach to working with dogs.

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Nancy Taylor- Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

“Thanks Dorman! “Lola” has so much more confidence and loves to meet new people now. Amazing results. She was so submissive and afraid of her own shadow before we contacted you. We were worried to give her up for her camp stay but so glad we did. She gets so excited when she hears your voice on the TV. The training exercises have really excited her to want to participate with people. Now I get compliments on her behavior everywhere I take her. My friends are totally jealous. 

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Marshall Forbes- Amelia Island, Florida

We thought “Bogey” was a lost cause. He cost me a fortune in landscaping and jumped on everybody that walked through our door. It’s hard to find the time with my work and family to give him the training and exercise he needs. I needed help in a big way. My first call To Good Dogs I new right away they were very knowledgeable about dog training. I watched a few videos and read a few stellar reviews and signed Bogey up! The board and train option was perfect for my busy schedule. Dorman then trained me and my family how to keep up the training exercises. Now he is new and improved! He sits at the door to greet guests and is a “Hurdle Ninja”! Who knew dog training could be fun?

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