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Dog Training Videos

Dog Training Videos

Greetings animal lovers! Please enjoy this fine selection of our dog training videos. These are highlight reels taken of our former camp graduates demonstrating their skills learned from our popular Dog Training Programs. We are so proud of our Good Dog Campers and all the progress they’ve made. It’s so rewarding to see that moment they start to understand the basics of obedience commands. You can even see it in their faces as they are processing the commands – it is like a light switch being flipped! They get so excited to show you what they can do. Dog Training should be fun! So send your dog to camp and let’s have some fun learning to be a Good Dog!

Camp Highlight Reels

Dog Training Videos DVD

Some of our Training Camp Programs include dog training video in a DVD format of us training your dog! It includes live action footage of your dog practicing obedience repetitions with the trainer. The DVD is a perfect visual aid to refer to as you get started with your dog training exercises at home. Everything from hand signals & verbal commands to how you hold the leash and properly direct your dog’s behavior. Watching these Camp Highlight Reels you can really see how your dog interacts with the trainer and responds to commands. These dog training videos will help you to mimic the process. Maintaining the training exercises is not time intensive. You can easily keep your obedience commands sharp by practicing a few times a day.

Highlight Reels Routine

Our dog training videos are a great tool to refer to for observing your dogs response to the trainers commands. Taking observations into consideration such as proper hand signals, verbal commands and eye contact. Some sessions may be with zero distractions while others may be with lots of competition to your attention. Integrate your training into every day activities such as putting your dog at a down stay while you have lunch or reading a book. Practice your Heel command while walking to the mailbox or even greeting the pizza guy at the door. After viewing your dog’s highlight reel you can create ideas of your very own to incorporate into your own training sessions.

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No room for counter surfers! We have the winning recipe for a well behaved dog. Owning a professionally trained dog is one of life’s simple pleasures. If you have never experienced this, you have really been missing out. A solid obedience foundation lasts a lifetime. Dogs never forget it. Send your dog to camp and enjoy life with a well mannered pet. Share with your friends and follow us on Facebook!

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