The Good Dog Training-Jacksonville team can help teach your four-pawed family members how to behave so life is better for everyone. Every dog is a good dog, but those who complete our most popular training camp for dogs can say they passed the Good Dog program with flying colors. We all love our dogs, but we also know that sometimes an overexcited pooch can develop bad habits. That’s why Good Dogs Training Camp strives to be leaders in dog training.

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The Good Dog Training-Jacksonville is the ultimate dog boot camp, developed by dog behavioral experts to incorporate the latest science, humane techniques, and teaching programs that can help dogs and their families live happier, healthier lives together. This is a 28-day program (with extended options available) and it offers life-changing advice to help build habits, condition behavior, and give owners the dog of their dreams.

Developmental Dog Training

The Good Dog offers the most comprehensive dog training Jacksonville has to offer. This is “obedience training,” behavioral modification through repetition and positive reinforcement that helps dogs learn what is desired behavior.


This is a board-and-train style camp, meaning that your dog stays with us while we work with them daily on teaching proper behavior. Because it’s a full-immersion training camp, your dog will be learning in a more controlled environment. This gives us the best opportunities to promote positive behavior and create a strong foundation for conditioning. We get to see what your living with!

Will my dogs behavior improve?

With the Good Dog program, your dog will learn the communication needed to direct proper household and social behavior. In fact, we use simulated home life training exercises to help your dog experience a more natural learning environment. That way, when your canine friend transitions back home, the provided training exercises will simplify the maintenance of keeping your obedience commands sharp. Training exercises include: 

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Obedience Commands

Your dog will learn commands like heel, sit, come, and stay–all on-leash, bolstered with hand signals and verbal cues. It’s important for dogs to understand and respond accordingly to these basic commands. The Good Dog Training program will instill this training in them amid the home life simulation.


Training a dog can be challenging as there are many distractions that may steal a dog’s focus, such as people, foods, and other pets. Part of the Good Dog training program revolves around teaching your dog to focus more on you and less on the distractions in the training environment.

Housebreaking Repetitions Option

Ask us about our housebreaking repetitions option! We can help associate your dog eliminating outdoors through supervision and scheduling and then teach you the exercises necessary to Reinforce the proper potty behavior. 

Behavior Reinforcement

The training doesn’t stop even after your dog completes the program. We will provide your family with personalized instructions to help you maintain the training that your dog has received. As an added bonus, we’ll also give you a DVD recording of our experts training your dog!

The Best Plans, the Best Dogs

We know how important it is for your family to have access to quality dog training. Jacksonville’s answer is the Good Dogs Training Camp, where good dogs go to become the best dogs. If you’re ready to begin the best training and conditioning program your dog can experience, contact us and we’re happy to get you started. The Good Dog Training-Jacksonville is the perfect start! Also-Check out this great article from Whole Dog Journal!