Families love their dogs and dogs love their families. But dogs need training and conditioning to promote healthy, positive behaviors. For many families, simple training exercises aren’t enough. As you may have witnessed dogs are bundles of energy and sometimes they have a little trouble listening! That’s an easy thing to fix with the right dog training camp. Sometimes we need to re-visit our obedience skills with a good re-fresher course.


Florida locals turn to Good Dogs Training Camp to provide guidance and personalized training plans that work. Even long after the good dogs have graduated from our programs and become the best dogs. Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping up our dog training maintenance and we need a re-fresher course. Some consider it K-9 continued education. Your dog and family can revisit training and concepts that need reinforcement, or have slipped due to a change in circumstances. Your dog’s behavior might have changed for many different reasons. Including changes in the home or environment. Which is why it’s necessary to review and refresh these concepts with training exercises. Even if nothing seems to be broken you can enroll for additional social and training exposure.

puppy at heel


 How will a Re-fresher Course Help Me?

With the most comprehensive dog training St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and all of northeastern Florida has to offer, Good Dogs Training Camp programs provide a comprehensive approach to dog obedience training. Here are just a few of the concepts our programs will cover. Checkout our Facebook Page for some highlight reels!

 Behavior Modification

You need your dog to understand ideal behaviors. Our programs use positive reinforcement and the latest scientific knowledge to guide your dog to the behaviors that will fit your family. Basic commands include Sit, Heel, Stay, and Come, with on-leash training and hand signals as well as verbal commands.

 Distraction Course

Dogs are energetic animals. Sometimes even the best dogs can get carried away. Other pets, food, and people can all be sources of distraction for your dog. This leads to family stress when distractions invite problematic behaviors. With our Simulated Homelife  distraction training, your dog will learn how to focus through the stimuli that try to steal attention and lead to unwanted behavior.


Board and Train






Our immersive training camp programs benefit you from the use of a Board and Train approach. Dogs and their families will see a noticeable change in their dogs behavior after being exposed to the Obedience conditioning. We place your dog in a comfortable simulated home life environment.This helps them associate their training with the sights, sounds, and smells they will encounter at home.

Re-Fresher Course



At our dog training camp, Florida families and their dogs can revisit and sharpen the skills they learned through a custom Re-fresher Course. While your dog enjoys a brief vacation full of social exposure and continued K-9 education, they will be learning useful commands and behaviors. We can tailor a plan to specifically target areas in which your dog is struggling. Additionally, we can reinforce the training until they become second nature for your dog.

 Revisit, Reinforce, and Renew

Whatever breed of dog you have, rest assured there’s a home for your four-pawed best friend at our dog training camp. Florida relies on Good Dogs Training Camp to teach their dogs as well as guide families on how to maintain the training.It’s equally important to reinforce the things both dog and human family members learn during our course. If you need to start your dog’s training on the right paw, or you want to revisit and strengthen the things you and your dog have learned, we’re always happy to answer your questions and get you started. Contact us today!