One of the best things in life is getting a new furry friend to spend your days with. Nothing can compare to adding a new member to your family who is always ready to love you unconditionally, no matter what happens. A puppy truly is something special to have in your life. However, finding the time to train your new best friend can take time and effort. Our Good-Pup Start-Up will help you set your young student on the right path!

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Puppies need a lot of extra love as they’re starting to learn and make their way through life. That’s why our Good-pup Start-up consultation at Good Dogs Training Camp is an excellent choice for new puppy parents!


Who is This Service Best For?

Our Good Pup Start Up service is perfect for new puppy parents who want thorough, up-to-date advice from our team of specialists. With our Good Pup Start Up service, we’ll be able to meet you in your home with a professional dog training instructor prepared to share proven techniques that help to simplify the transition of your new puppy to its new home. Raising a new puppy should be a joyful experience for the whole family. We can help to minimize any frustration you have co-existing with your new roommate.

What will the Good-Pup Start-Up teach Us?

Good Dogs Training Camp pulls out all the stops for your furry friend because we understand how difficult it can be to train a puppy. With our service, you will learn potty and crate training techniques, what toys are appropriate to play with, how to redirect barking, how to re-direct your puppy from biting and chewing, and the proper way to introduce a leash. These are all vital skills for a puppy to learn as they grow for a happy home life.

Why Does My Puppy Need Specialized Training?

Puppies can be difficult to train because they’re still young. Just like you wouldn’t expect a toddler to do well in a high school classroom, puppies aren’t able to take adult dog training classes. They lack the attention span and the physical stamina required of a formal obedience training program.

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Additionally, puppies are still young and growing, soaking up everything like a sponge. It takes specialized knowledge and sensitivity to your puppy training approach. It is important to create a positive association to your training technique so your pup will want to continue to learn from you. Providing your puppy with a fantastic experience here at Good Dogs Training Camp will prepare them to participate in more extensive training as they age. Plus, associating training with something positive will help you stay a loving figure in your puppy’s life, which is essential as the puppy grows.

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Dog training can be difficult, and puppy training can be even more difficult. That’s why our Good-pup Start-up consultation in Jacksonville is so essential. We want to give new puppy parents the ability to receive specialized training for their puppy in a way that’s safe, healthy, confidence building and works.


We pride ourselves on being a professional, family-oriented business because that’s what a puppy is: part of the family. If you’re interested in working with Good Dogs Training Camp for your puppy training needs, contact us today! Check out Chewy’s puppy tips!