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Enjoying the Company of Dogs

  Time we spend with our dogs is never wasted. They can bring so much joy to an otherwise rotten day. It is a wonderful feeling coming home after a long days work and having your dog so excited to see that you have returned! They have waited for this moment all day. I wish that feeling for everyone to enjoy. There are so many benefits to having a healthy dog relationship. Science has even revealed that dogs help reduce the stress in our lives. Some owners enjoy the sense of security their dog offers during simple chores like trips to the bank or a late night jog or maybe just on a lonely night in the country. For some busy families a dog may even be a regular lunch date for companionship. After a quick bite we can take a moment to toss the ball or a quick potty break. Blog-Enjoying the Company of Dogs discusses the benefits of a successful dog relationship. A dog that has a job is less likely to be getting into trouble. A busy dog is a happy dog.

The Right Breed

Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle is an important step to a successful relationship. Having a good idea what to expect from the breed will be helpful in your decision making. That way you are less likely to have many surprises. If you are rescuing a mixed breed, a little knowledge of the different breeds and maybe a peek at the dogs resume, if available would be a great start. For example, the larger breeds might be hard to manage if we are expecting a new baby to be born or if an elderly parent is moving in with us. When the dynamic of the family household changes the option for another breed type may make better sense. Before you make that long commitment do your homework! Ask the questions-research the family favorites and make the best decision.

Dog Training

The best way to enjoy the company of our dogs is through great communication. Dogs are not born domesticated and certainly don’t come pre-trained. The moment we receive our new dog we are responsible for his health, training and socialization. Ideally, through conditioning, we can show him the version of companion we prefer to live with. Obedience commands give us the much needed communication to manage our dog. Sometimes we may need to ask for help and thats OK! A good dog trainer doesn’t replace you in your dogs eyes. He will help speed up the progress and simplify the task. Dog training is a work in progress so get comfortable and settle in. Let a professional help design Dog Training Programs that suit  your lifestyle and your dog’s personality and temperament. Dogs shouldn’t be a burden they should be a joy! 

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